This Place is Too Small for Me

The sights. The sounds. The smells. They are all different.

Today is a day that my heart is heavy with missing Africa. If any of you have ever walked even just a small piece of its land you can empathize with me because you know that it ever so cunningly steals a piece of your heart… or maybe you just give it away so easily because… well because, it’s so easy to give your heart to such a beautifully burdened place. Full of life. Full of death. Full of joy. Full of sorrow. Full of hunger. Full of richness. Full of precious people. Full of pain. Full of revival. Full of miracles.

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Special Guest Jennifer Smith: Grateful for Marriage

Hey beautiful people,

I am so excited to announce that my friend Jennifer Smith has written a gratitude entry on marriage. She is an incredible woman that has been given a true gift to minister on the topic of marriage and intimacy. Her testimony has been encouraging and healing for so many women around the globe and I am overjoyed that God has kept us connected throughout the years. Continue onward to read her post. I have also included a link to her website so that you can find out more information on who she is and what awesome work she is doing for marriages around the world! She recently released a book called The Unveiled Wife that I encourage all of you to purchase. It’s really good! Thank you Jen for these words of wisdom that you have shared with me and that I get to pass on to others so they can be encouraged to be grateful today…

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Just Grateful

I am really grateful.

I am really grateful for so many things.

I am really grateful for His breath that fills my lungs.

I am really grateful that His Word is continuously holding my body together.

I am really grateful for so many things. Too many to count, but I will spend my life counting those things… and I love this quote:

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