Courtenay Bowser, Guest Contributer

Courtenay’s perspective on gratitude

How do I introduce such an incredible woman? I’m failing to find the right words! Courtenay Bowser, put simply, is pure awesomeness and my guest contributor. I think she is yet to realize how big of an influence she is on my life. The first time I saw her she was worshipping Jesus and I remember looking at her and thinking, “God, that’s how I want to worship.”

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Growing Up by Means of Embracing Your Inner Adult

Thoughts on growing up as an adult

In the distance, the train warns present traffic that its passing through and unable to stop for any one soul. Drivers must pay attention and steer clear of its tracks. I can hear, wait… I can feel it’s wheels marrying the tracks as it travels to its intended destination. Imagery from centuries ago floods my mind. I see women with parasols, men in top hats, and children with wooden toys filling the outdoor train station. Some are boarding and some are not. There are tears, there are smiles, there is laughter, there is crying. People lean out their windows to wave goodbye. Steam permeates my scene and just like that, everything vanishes. There’s just something about growing up…

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Freedom, Love, Lies, and Tight Ropes

Confronting lies head on and kicking them to the curb to attain freedom

Inspired. Uninspired. Inspired. Uninspired. Inspired. Uninspired. Then I’m reminded to let your yes be yes and your no be no. So I write. I write straight from the depths of my heart because I wasn’t created to hold anything back. So I don’t hold back. No. Never. I just can’t entertain lies any longer and I need freedom back.

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