When Your Hubs (or Friend or Wife) Kicks Yer Bum and Sends You to Church

My hubs “kicked me in the bum” and sent me to church ’cause I didn’t want to go…

We made it! We made it back to Florida. We drove our trusty suburban 9,000 miles around the country. Florida to Oregon and Oregon to Florida. What a trip! We thoroughly enjoyed Oregon and all of the people and places we visited in between. Can’t say that I will ever do it again… but maybe when we are older and have an RV I will change my mind? I’ll let you know in about forty years. But that’s not what this entry is about. Get ready for me to unleash the fury of all of my wisdom!! Uh, maybe not. This is just a quick encouragement I am sending your way discussing discouragement, church, and other quaint things.

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How to Travel With Young Kids and Survive

Why I am grateful that I get to travel with my kids and 5 practical travel tips

Five, 10 hour days in the car with a three-year-old and a five-year-old. My kids did better than I did. I was claustrophobic to say the least. In fact, it was pure torture for me because I was crazy bored. However, this entry is not really about me (dang it, I know you wanted it to be), it’s about how to travel extended periods of time with young kids. How did I manage? I’m like the most awesome parent ever and I like organized a million activities and crafts. Like duh! I went on Pinterest and pinned a bunch of ideas and then executed them perfectly, aka #nailed it. 

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The Power of Choice

Guest contributor Fional Killough

Fiona Killough is a highly respected friend of mine that works with me in Overland Missions. She and her super cute family are missionaries in Angola and they are totally hardcore. Here are some beautiful words of wisdom from her.

Hi! I’m Fiona and I’m a wife and mother to a beautiful family. I’m a follower of Jesus and part of His bride. I’m a creative-type that loves to, well, create stuff. I’ve lived in three countries and speak two languages thanks to the missionary vocation that I joined my husband in. We live in a fabulous home, with some money in the bank. We enjoy good health and have an abundance of great family and friends. I have a bazillion reasons to be thankful, I really do. Most of them you can guess from my ‘lil intro. But if I had to choose one thing, above all else, that I’m most grateful for, it wouldn’t be one of these things. Not to undermine any of them, or lessen the gift that they are to me, but there’s something else that I have to tell you about. The thing I’m most grateful for is choice.

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15 Items Worth Packing For Southeast Asia

As a family of four we are backpacking SE Asia

Ciaran, myself, and the kids are gearing up for a 3-month backpacking trip to Southeast Asia with a strong emphasis on Thailand and packing is on my mind. We are literally backpacking as a family with two small children. I honestly have no idea what this looks like but I do know that many people have gone before us to pave the way. So how are we going to pack? Lightly. You cannot pack “heavy” under any circumstances. Well, I suppose you could but that would be a huge pain in the neck. Carrying an extensive amount of kit as a family of four involving two small children would, for  lack of a better metaphor, stink like poop. 

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New Video!!!!

Ciaran and Jamie with Overland Missions.

Hey everybody,

(Scroll down and click the link provided to watch the video, oh and busy fixing Ciaran’s name that is mis-spelled)

We hope you are having a good Monday! Our wonderful and amazingly talented friend Danny Hall put together a few AWESOME videos for us featuring what we are doing in the nations with Overland Missions. Check out the link below to watch one of them! We are grateful for you Danny. Thanks for putting the series of videos together for us, you really did such an incredible job. We know you are really busy, so the fact that you set time apart to do this for us is so humbling.

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How Fear Affects Our Decisions

Fear based decision-making

Fear. We are familiar with the term. What is it exactly? Sometimes it’s healthy, especially when it keeps our kids from falling over the gorge. I’m speaking from experience here people. Sometimes we exercise fear as the fear of the LORD. In other words, we consider the awe, the wonder of His Majesty, and it becomes the catalyst for wisdom. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” reads Proverbs. However, more often than not, fear positions itself as our worst enemy. Bill Johnson often stresses that it’s what you do with the fear that really matters, and I couldn’t agree more. At the end of the day, fear can cloud and even corrupt our decision-making process. I have a simple, but profound story to share with you.

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Codependency: 3 Ways I Kicked It To The Curb

All this talk about codependency has me talking about codependency

The C word, codependency. A problem I struggled with in my late teens and early twenties. Not in the way you might think though. I never had a problem wth alcoholism or substance abuse of any kind. My issue manifested in the realms of extremes, excess, and mainly relationships with people. I honestly remained completely ignorant of codependency in my life until we had a major car accident in 2012. The trauma of the accident surfaced a slew of issues that I had subconsciously buried long ago. The result? Hell on earth for several years.

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Why a Cultural Guide to South Africa is Cuter than a Kitten

South Africa

Thoughts and helpful tips on South African culture

South Africa. I have an array of memories seeded throughout its soil. My husband is from there. I’ve birthed babies there. I endured the worst trauma of my life there, the dreaded car accident of 2012 where we rolled our car five times near the border of Botswana. I’ve laughed until my belly hurt there. I’ve sown tears of joy and of sadness. I’ve sown faith and I’ve uprooted fear. And despite the fact that we’ve never owned a home there, I still consider it one of my homelands.

So consider this entry a tribute and therefore a cultural and totally opinion-based guide to South Africa by allowing me to embellish on its rich culture, its beautiful landscape, yummy food, and more. Zulu. Xhosa. Afrikaans. English. And Bev, my beautiful, Indian friend from Durban. This, my friends, is South Africa. Rugby anyone?

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Mother’s Day Vibes

Quick thoughts on Mother’s Day…

A mother. A daughter. A sister. A wife. I’m known by all of these roles, but today we isolate motherhood and celebrate it to the fullest. My kids celebrate me, I celebrate my mom, and billions of people around the globe do the same. It’s Mother’s Day.

Mother, a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth. Yes and no. Not all who are mothers have given birth and reared children from infancy. Some have nurtured tens, hundreds, thousands of people simply because they love and care and their hearts are so large their bodies cannot contain them. The result? Mothers, daughters, sons.

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Be My Guest 101

7 tips on being a house guest

Finesse. I can’t find it right now. I’m digging deep and straining my sleepy brain to conjure it up to no avail. I write anyway. I try to find a funny quote for my opening line on being a house guest, but none of them seem appropriate. In fact, most of the funny ones are really negative. Why is negative considered funny? It’s ew! I know Sara (Jimmy Fallon) would agree.

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