Stacy Moorhouse on Being “Homeless”

My friend and co-worker Stacy Moorhouse is contributing this week. She wrote on why she is grateful for being “homeless” at the moment. It’s such a cute blog and fun read.

I’m grateful for being homeless. But before I get into that allow me to share a beautiful quote with you.

“The life of faith must never stand still, for if your feet are going, your faith is growing.” – Warren Wiersbe

Jamie asked me to write about what I’m grateful for, and at the moment, the first thing that comes to mind is this:

Now before that gets misconstrued, no, I am not homeless in the traditional meaning of the word; I don’t live in a shelter or my car or the streets, nor am I impoverished, and I am in no way trying to compare myself to people who are homeless or minimalize what they go through in any way. But bear with me. In comparison with our society’s definition of home—a place to call my own; a constant place of stability; “putting down roots”—I am without. When a friend or family member asks me for my address, I’m hesitant because it’s constantly changing. And yes, I’m grateful for that. But no, it wasn’t instant or always that way. Yes, it was a process in which I had to learn to be so. Processes…I’ve learned to be grateful for those, too.

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How Disappointment Steals From Us

I’m in Africa… Even in a beautiful place can disappointment rob us

It’s 4:17 on the dot. I’m curled up on a plush camping chair; its way more comfortable than I expect it to be. I’m overlooking a beautiful valley covered in acacia trees. The wind connects with my face and I feel a slight chill that’s instantly counteracted by the warmth of the departing sun. This moment wouldn’t be complete without the spastic mupani fly attempting to make its residence in my eyeball. Mupani flies are a disappointment to society. Haha.

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Parenting Advice I’m Grateful For

The best advice I’ve received on parenting a strong-willed child

Elly. My daughter. I wrote my very first entry on her. Sometimes words just aren’t enough to describe her. When I look at her I initially see hair. Just hair everywhere. Her golden locks are nearly always a tangled mess, they hang in front of her face, and she hates getting her hair brushed. Underneath that hair is this gorgeous, little round face with big blue eyes and a perfect little nose. She has beautiful skin… it’s nearly olive, but not quite. I’ve often been told she looks like Smurfette minus the whole blue thing. It’s totally true. Look at the picture of Smurfette and then look at the picture of Elly. You agree. Good. I think we can all agree that I enjoy parenting her too. 

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The World Isn’t Hollywood

Is your standard of beauty derived from Hollywood? The media?

We travel. That’s our lives. It’s our job. We love it. Sometimes there are sacrifices involved and it isn’t the life of luxury that you might think it is. We don’t sit in first class or even business class, yet. One day we will. We aren’t members of an airline that gives us the perks of a lounge, yet. One day we will be. In our travels we see. We see places, people, and sites. But mostly we see people. Lots and lots of people. People of many nations. We see the rich, the poor, the middle class. We see funny people, happy people, sad people, angry people, quirky people, pretty people, and ugly people. Yes, I said ugly. Are you offended? You have a standard of beauty and so do I. Let’s not pretend like you have never looked at someone and thought, “They aren’t very pretty.” Do you feel guilty for doing so? I’m not sure the answer to this question is entirely black and white. Or does the answer to this question even matter? Beauty is relative, therefore ugly is relative. Yet, Hollywood’s standard of beauty is the standard for hundreds of millions of people around the globe. We are inundated with Hollywood “news” on a regular basis in the western world. Perhaps we have been brainwashed? I pose a question to you: is your standard of beauty influenced mostly by Hollywood? Mine is, but not for long because I’m seeking to change that and here’s why.

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