Thankful for The Extraordinary

A reminder to be thankful and to step outside of the box no matter the cost… to exchange the ordinary for the extraordinary.

Recently I sent my 30 day gratitude challenge to a most amazing and highly respected friend; a woman who truly taught me how to LOVE the Word of God. She quickly responded with an enthusiastic thank you and followed up with an excellent question… and I’m so happy she did. She asked, “Do you find yourself being thankful for the same things over and over?” My response, “YES!” At first I didn’t struggle wth continuously thanking God for the same things over and over. But now that I write a blog, the repetition presents a bit of a problem and I consciously fight feeling annoyed by it. You see God doesn’t care if I thank Him for the same things over and over again… but I’m pretty sure my readers would find me a bit annoying if I wrote every day or every week about how grateful I am for the same topic. Thankfully today I think I’ve got something new to be thankful for. I am thankful for people that have stepped outside of the box. People that have exchanged the cultural norm for something extraordinary in pursuit of the unknown and the unpredictable. I’m thankful for those that have gone before me and done these things. I can follow in their footsteps. They are the many examples that aid in increasing my faith to position myself and my family for our current adventures.

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Why Shortcomings are Lies

Shortcomings and why they are lies that need to be trashed

The only time I have to write in the last three weeks or so is at night when I’m putting my kids to bed. Sounds crazy, right? Writing while I put my kids to bed? Yes! Well, we are all in the same room and often in the same bed… Traveling. Not every hotel room comes with two beds, and hotels often want to charge $35 plus extra a night for bringing in a roll away bed. It’s extortion. Anyway, let me tell you about my shortcomings and why I am grateful for God’s grace as I face them.

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Kirsty Johnson Talks Motherhood

My beautiful friend Kirsty guest contributes this week and shares on motherhood, God’s grace, and forgiveness… Raw and unfiltered

Kirsty talks on motherhood. Yay! Kirsty and I met years ago in London before she had her beautiful babies. She was a newlywed and I was in the process of planning my wedding. I instantly fell in love with her dramatic flare and creative genius. She is an amazing woman that truly loves Jesus with all of her being. I will never forget how she and her husband Bryan communicated with walkie talkies while he was upstairs and she was downstairs having an all girls Bible study. They truly are hilarious. They are such lovely, genuine, and kind people. So thank you Kirsty for writing this!! Love you!

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