Hollywood’s Standard of Love

Fifty Shades of Grey is still making headlines and it’s devastation seems without end. Sadly, this movie and loads of other major motion pictures are targeting and indoctrinating our youth and many others with their own definitions of love. 

Ciaran and I went to the shopping mall today to meet a friend for coffee and while we were waiting Caleb got a hankering for a hot dog. So we stopped at a hot dog shop and the two African ladies working doted on my boy. They laughed and played while I ran a quick errand into the pharmacy. When I came back Ciaran was busy eating Caleb’s hot dog (as dad’s love to do) and Ellie Goulding’s music videos were playing on the tv. I know this because Elly was eager to point out that her favorite dance song “Burn” was airing. 

Then the next music video came on, “Love Me Like You Do.” And because I know the origin of this song, protective mother bear made her debut and quickly told the kids they were NOT allowed to watch the video. So we left! The thing is, I knew little eyes would be curious to see why I wasn’t allowing them to watch this seemingly innocent music video. 

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Five Ways I Cultivate Gratitude

My life has changed drastically since I started giving thanks…

August marks the one year anniversary of Pretty Little Lemons. I’ll be honest, this blog is my baby. I’m so thankful that the Holy Spirit prompted me to cultivate gratitude in my life through writing. I am more blessed than you know, and I’m probably more blessed than I know. Writing, nonetheless, has not been the sole means of cultivating gratitude in my heart. The Lord has absolutely used other avenues too.  

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