Thankful I Can Guard My Heart

I get to guard my heart… what a privilege

Regardless of how tired my physical body feels because it’s 11:30 at night I want to share with you how thankful I am for the ability to guard my heart in hopes that my mere words can ignite this same thankfulness in you. Some of you are well acquainted with this Scripture, but let me throw it out there just for a little refresher:

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life (or out of it flows the issues of life)

Proverbs 4:23

The other day as I was meditating on this Scripture a picture of Buckingham Palace came into my mind. As my mind focused on Buckingham Palace I faintly recalled this “encounter” I had with one of the guards on duty there. I went to take a photo next to him and apparently I toed the line a little too close because he proceeded to yell in this big, booming voice for me to get behind the line. Yikes! I totally feared for my life at this point and instantly obeyed. Then I opted to go back to the main gate and stare… just waiting for the Queen to come out and take a selfie with me. 

I don’t know if you have seen Buckingham Palace in real life or in pictures, but the place is amazing and very well guarded, clearly. As I meditated on this Scripture and the picture of Buckingham Palace, I could see myself standing inside the protective gates. There remained all sorts of activity outside the gates. Good people. Bad people. Crazy people. Chaos. Peace. You name it and it was outside the gate! I stood at the gate with the Holy Spirit and determined who and what was allowed in. 

During this time I realized that I didn’t have to let the hectic activity or people in. Of course the activity and the people could carry on in the determined course of action outside of my gates, but I had the choice to let it all in and interact with it… I had the choice to let it all have fellowship with me and therefore have access to the intimate places of my heart. I also had the choice to keep it locked outside of the gates. I could watch it all from afar and feel safe behind the protective gates. 

This isn’t to say one should lock everybody and everything out and keep everything at a distance. This is to say we have a command from our heavenly Father to guard our hearts and we have the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit to help us determine who and what we allow into the intimate and ornate places of our hearts. So yes, I am behind protective gates because my Father told me to make my dwelling place there. But I also have the key to open the gate and a heart full of wisdom, compassion, love, long-suffering and more. I have a heart that is created to connect and fellowship with people. 

I believe that we cannot connect with people in a healthy way until we learn to guard our hearts. We have to learn that we can’t control what goes on outside our gates. The activity that goes on outside of our gates cannot affect what is going on inside the gates. Our inner sanctuary that is filled with the Holy Spirit holds a peace that surpasses all understanding and should never be dictated by the external.

Don’t let anybody give you grief because you are “guarded.” We’ve labeled this intention as negative, when really it can be a healthy way of living when done in light of the Word of God. We can’t afford to let certain things in because they can “pollute” us and cause the course of our lives to veer from what God intended it to be…

So I love you! Happy Thanksgiving!! 

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