Are You Grateful for the Impossible?

The impossible. Grit. Fear. These are the things we don’t always like to talk about, but need to talk about.

The fulness of your life hinges on big dreams. By perfect design you were made to fulfill them. Nothing is impossible with our Heavenly Father, so is anything impossible for you?

I totally had this Holy Spirit thought, in question form, pop in my head the other day, and it’s been confronting me for days. The question was this, “What is holding you back (from pursuing the impossible?)” I can’t honestly say that nothing is holding me back from tackling my big dreams and lofty goals and the deception of impossibilities surrounding me. My heart’s desire is all wrapped up in the nations and that’s why our vision is indicative of rural Africa. But, there are things that I allow to hinder me like… unbelief, insecurity, and fear. Thoughts that war against Biblical truth in my head. Uh-em. Fear of man (it’s literally the worst).

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Grateful for Provision in Unexpected Places

Provision: An amount or thing supplied; your daily sustenance. but sometimes it’s found in places you wouldn’t expect.

I wrote this entry on provision the other day for a closed Facebook group I’m in… and it’s been on my heart to share it with my readers ever since. It’s short and sweet but was a HUGE encouragement to me. I hope it’s encouraging to you as well!

I was reading a good ole Derek Prince book recently called “Does Your Tongue Need Healing?” And I stumbled upon a Scripture that stood out to me and I had to follow it up by reading it in its context. I ended up reading Numbers 13:27-14:10… you can go ahead and read all of it if you like but let me hone in on two particular verses: (Caleb is speaking here after he and the other spies returned from Canaan)

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