Are You Grateful for the Impossible?

The impossible. Grit. Fear. These are the things we don’t always like to talk about, but need to talk about.

The fulness of your life hinges on big dreams. By perfect design you were made to fulfill them. Nothing is impossible with our Heavenly Father, so is anything impossible for you?

I totally had this Holy Spirit thought, in question form, pop in my head the other day, and it’s been confronting me for days. The question was this, “What is holding you back (from pursuing the impossible?)” I can’t honestly say that nothing is holding me back from tackling my big dreams and lofty goals and the deception of impossibilities surrounding me. My heart’s desire is all wrapped up in the nations and that’s why our vision is indicative of rural Africa. But, there are things that I allow to hinder me like… unbelief, insecurity, and fear. Thoughts that war against Biblical truth in my head. Uh-em. Fear of man (it’s literally the worst).

Yes, as missionaries we are pursuing our dreams and we’d like to think our dreams and goals are bigger than what any human could accomplish on his or her own. But I will be honest, there are things that scare the heck out of me. And I think those “scary” things have the potential to prevent me from achieving my dreams or attaining the fullness of what God has for me thereof. Living by faith in regard to finances is intimidating at times. Forming relationships with new people can be unsettling for me. Trusting God to keep me and my family safe during our travels shapes into anxiety at times. Ugh… anyway… I imagine┬ámy disdain for these hindrances is fully evident ?

So my question to you, faithful reader, is this: What is holding you back from pursuing the impossible? From achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams? I’ve been perfectly honest with you; can you be perfectly honest with yourself? Do you have dreams and desires that died years ago? Did you try and then fail? Did somebody tell you that your “head is in the clouds” or “you’re ridiculous to think that’s even possible”? Did the lies supplant truth? Did the opposing party take you down by convincing you that you’re too small, too weak, too incompetent? Who truly is refereeing here and declaring loss?

If the opposition, the enemy (because we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood), has made you feel down trodden, weak, and helpless, remember he is a liar. He is a thief. His pathetic goal is to steal the dreams and desires the Lord placed inside of you… the realm of the impossible that Jesus made possible by the new birth, the new creation. You are a new creation and nothing is impossible for you because nothing is impossible for Him! He died to put His life inside of you. He died to make you a victorious one. You are holy, meaning, a cut above the rest. You are magnificent because He made you magnificent!

Our loving Father placed things inside of you that are meant to surface and come out! Things that are too big for you to do alone; that require His assistance to bring them all to pass. That’s the beauty of it all, isn’t it? Bringing our wonderful Creator into the picture and allowing Him to graciously tune or life’s symphony into perfect sync. I am truly amazed at how much He longs to be involved in our plans because He wants us to succeed and humble the impossible.

My challenge to you and me is this… take the time to write down the dreams and desires that have lied dormant inside of you for too long (even if you think they are silly). It’s been far too long my friend. Execute them with unrestrained vigor. Will it take hard work? Yes. Will it take prayer? Yes. Will it take grit? Yes. Every successful person understands that success takes grit. You’ve got grit! Come on, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’ve got what it takes and I’ve got grit.” Shout it from the rooftops my friends. Go and pursue the impossible today by acknowledging the things that try to discourage you or hinder you – be that insecurity, fear, or unbelief – and tell them you won’t back down!

Love, love, love you!

P.S. Can I encourage to follow my friend Brandy Kite’s journey? If you want to watch somebody truly humble the impossible then follow she and her family’s journey. This gal is the most persevering human I know. She has the most hope I’ve ever come across. And she definitely has more grit than most of us. The doctors told her she would never walk again but she has proved them wrong over and over. I call her the “running woman” because I know soon she will be running marathons. Here is a YouTube video of her moving her legs after the doctors said she would never feel anything from the waist down again… the LORD is her healer!!


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