Heather Krenz: Guest Contributor

Grateful for the ability to enjoy raising my children

Editors note:

I met Heather Krenz in 2008 when we embarked upon a three month journey together at Overland Missions Rapid 14 base. We both felt a call to the nations and stepped out in faith to complete the Advanced Missions Training program; a training that would thoroughly equip us to reach the nations. We had quite the three months together! She and I were tent-mates (instead of roommates because we lived in a tent for three plus months) and we had the time of our lives. I saw something in Heather that gripped my heart and made me want to make her my friend. And friends we are. She and I literally have the same sense of humor and we have bonded over I Love Lucy binges on our missions base and other ridiculous moments. This girl has inspired me to believe God for more and to never lower my expectations of His provision…. she and her beautiful family live and serve in the Chipepo Chiefdom in Zambia on the edges of Lake Kariba. This girl has tenacity and grit. I’m sure she would be over the moon to tell you about the revival happening all around her; I’m sure she could tell you a dozen stories about chasing away hippos and crocodiles from her property as well 😉

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