Grateful for His Generosity

Our Heavenly Father is so very generous and my heart is on the verge of exploding because of His kindness!

My heart is so full. Full of hope. Full of His goodness. Full of zeal and passion. Naturally, the inspiration has kicked in and here I sit at the midnight hour drafting away. I sit here carefully assigning my heart to words that I pray will encourage you. Maybe these words will ignite a change in you, inspire you, or simply bring a glimmer of hope to a seemingly hopeless situation. I long to know the full extent of what my readers are going through…

Some of you are facing giants head on with a great deal of courage as you come up against cancer. You are victorious. My prayer is that you will not be afraid, not even for one more second. Some of you have encountered great loss. You’ve persevered through insurmountable grief. Thank you for displaying unceasing strength and perseverance as you yield daily to Him. Others are claiming the healing that is rightfully theirs with great tenacity. You’re doing this despite the plethora of symptoms that scream at you daily to give up, let go, and surrender. Never give up and hold fast to your good confession. You ARE amazing! All of you! And I’m humbled that you would commit a portion of your day to reading Pretty Little Lemons.

Our Heavenly Father is so generous and kind. He has displayed His kindness and generosity over and over to my family. I wish you and I had all the time in the world to sit down, share, and deliberate on all of His kind acts; to discuss in detail the many ways He has demonstrated His perfect love and generosity toward us. Thankfully we have eternity to do this and so, for practicality sake, I will divulge only a few thoughts and personal experiences for the time being.

I anxiously await our return to Africa. The new adventure beckons me like the turning of a chapter in a book that’s about to get really good! I’m busy pushing through those last few paragraphs while trying my hardest to not miss anything. I soak up every word in an effort to lay a solid foundation for the upcoming turn of events. I simultaneously embrace the new as I meditate on the wealth of wisdom the Lord has placed in my heart over the past year. My heart highlights distinct moments when He taught me more about who He is and how much He loves me. Two words come to mind: Generosity and intimacy.

Generosity and intimacy… are they somehow linked? I remember crying out in Cambodia one night to the Lord telling Him how I longed for deeper intimacy. Honestly, the desire for deeper intimacy was placed in my heart by Him because He wanted deeper intimacy. All I had to do was yield. I then asked Him in Mozambique to remove everything in my way that hindered me from experiencing deeper intimacy with Him…

Did the hindrances dissipate in a microwave moment? Absolutely not but, rather, a process took place that enlarged my heart toward Him as I made the choice to set my affections on Him. Surely if we can be restricted by our own affections then we can also be freed by our own affections (see 2 Corinthians 6:12). Freed to experience more. Being whole-heartedly devoted to the King of kings can only open up our hearts to experience more. This type of devotion sends us full throttle into deeper intimacy. Out of this place of intimacy I have personally experienced His unrelenting generosity. He is the MOST generous.

And I don’t ONLY mean generosity in terms of money. Yes the Lord is generous with financial provision. Absolutely. Hands down. However, His generosity is so much more than that. He gave the life of His only Son, Jesus Christ for us that we should not perish and have eternal life. He gave up His very life for us so that He could put His very life in us. To me there’s nothing more generous than the ultimate act of love that Jesus Christ displayed on the cross through His death.

I am so grateful. Tonight I will sleep meditating on His goodness. His kindness. His generosity. His affection for me that merely requires that I yield and continue to yield. My prayer is that you will set your affections on Him and have a burning desire for deeper intimacy with God the Father. He adores you and He wants to give you a revelation of His generosity.

Final thoughts: Scripturally we can see that generosity and intimacy are linked when we read the story of Mary and how she broke the alabaster jar to anoint Jesus for His burial.

Love you!

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