My Grassroots of Gratitude

I absolutely love communion. Taking communion is so simple and yet extremely powerful…

1 Corinthians 11:24

24 and when he had given thanks, he broke it and said, “This is my body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of me.”

For me, the grassroots of gratitude are in communion; a special time dedicated to remembrance and giving thanks. Sequentially, communion is a time where we reflect on His body that was broken for us and His blood that was shed for us. We take the broken bit of cracker (bread, for He is the bread of life) and carefully hold it in our hands as we behold the imagery of our precious Savior broken and hanging on the cross. We give thanks. For some of us this intimate moment is simply that, a moment. For others it’s a process that morphs from minutes into hours. 

Next, Jesus’ blood. We steadily hold the grape juice in our hands and recall that by His stripes we were healed. And the gratitude flows like a rushing river from our hearts. The swell within us still seems inadequate. It seems should our gratitude fill the entire world, it would never be enough to match His love. His love is so extravagant. It’s indulgent. His love is more than excessive; it’s complete. 

Communion is such a precious thing. I recalibrate my heart during this set apart time. It’s the act of refocusing my heart; bringing it from a place of distraction and worry to a place filled with joy and rest as I consider gratitude and consume the elements of communion. My heart stays tender as I elicit THE ultimate act of love.

For me, it’s pertinent that I return to the grassroots of gratitude, thus, communion has become such a cherished time. When I neglect to give thanks, I jeopardize the quiet rest my heart so happily welcomes and I exchange it for the lies of the world that bombard me every day. Considering the enemy never plays fair, it’s critical that I keep my heart tender toward the Lord, fill myself with His Word, and become aware of and soak in His presence. The Word became flesh, gave thanks unto God, and shed His blood to give us newness of life. 

May we keep our hearts tender through giving thanks. We have so much to be grateful for and yet sometimes we choose to focus on the things that defeat us. This morning I watched a short video on Facebook of a well-known mom-blogger who encouraged her audience to love being a mom. She passionately communicated that making the decision to love being a mom is both a powerful and a rewarding choice. As moms we can ruminate on a number of reasons that could suggest otherwise, e.g., it’s too hard, I’m always tired, I don’t have any personal space, and blah blah blah. But’s that’s exactly what those ungrateful thoughts are: blah, blah, blahs. Just as we can choose to love being a mom we can choose to give thanks unto the Lord that He has blessed us with beautiful kiddos and start enjoying motherhood. Let the gratitude over-flow into every area of your life today as you choose to give thanks! 


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