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Hi there. Pretty Little Lemons is a place where I am turning lemons into lemonade. I am on a dedicated journey to proactively living a lifestyle of gratitude. In December 2012 my family and I endured a pretty intense car accident that temporarily robbed me of my joy and sent me into the deep abyss of depression, confusion, and PTSD. I have gone hard and fast after freedom with all of my being ever since. I can honestly say that all things gratitude, thanksgiving, and giving thanks unlocked my metaphorical prison cell and released me to experience joy and life abundantly.

I am a mother of two gorgeous children and wife of one ruggedly, handsome South African man. Ciaran is the man that rescued me from a lion in the bush of Africa that was stalking me for dinner. Wait, no, that’s not true. We did, however, meet and fall in love in rural Africa. We lived there for seven years and raised our kids, Elly and Caleb, in the bush of Zambia. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term “the bush,” it refers to the remote, untouched places of Africa. Now we are are gearing up to launch into a new area (TBA) to pour out our lives for the Gospel. Our focus remains primarily on sub-Saharan Africa and our emphasis is literally on unreached people groups. Can you guess what we do for a living? Missionaries perhaps? Yes, with Overland Missions. And we have THE dream job.

World meet Ciaran. Ciaran meet world. Yes, that’s a hippopotamus. Ciaran loves rugby, billtong, lacquer braais china brus, fixing everything and anything, and pretty much everything in between.


World meet Elly. Elly meet world. She is a firecracker and will give anyone a run for their money.


World meet Caleb. Caleb meet world. He is moved by no one and yet he moves the heart of every person he meets. Oh and Elly is the boss of him, so maybe he is moved by one person, but just one.


Then there’s me! I am passionate about living a life that glorifies God to my core and Jesus Christ truly is the love of my life. I am totally floored by Who He is and find that the more I get to know and understand the Father’s heart, the bigger I realize He is, and then I find out how little I really do know Him because well He’s just SOOOO ENORMOUS!



  1. Wonderful! Sending encouragement to you on this journey!
    I think we all can complain too much… And I’ve noticed that living in South Africa has made me much more of a negative person than I used to be- finding things to be thankful for is extremely important! There is a book we did in our bible study called “One Thousand Gifts”- it resonates with these sentiments and is really good!

  2. This is a wonderful blog/website and it is very inspiring…..as christians we focus so much on our issues and what we want to happen in our lives but forget to focus on giving praise back to God for all that we have and all that He has given us! Love you!

  3. Hello again, Jamie!

    So.. I noticed that you changed your site name and I was wondering if you could tell me how you did that? If you upgrade to the yearly wordpress subscription, is that your one opportunity to change your blog name? Because this “Texan in South Africa” is more than likely going to be the Texan living back in Texas and visiting South Africa every year…. 😉


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