A Comical and Peculiar Flight

What does one do when they have an allergic reaction at 37,000 feet in the air? (Just a little light heartedness to brighten you day!)

My family and I are settling back into the land of the free! (Seriously people we are way freer than places like Myanmar and China). We arrived four days ago from South Africa after spending five months abroad in Asia and Africa. My heart is set on filling you in on our adventures. I’m also very keen to delve back into the deep issues of the heart, life, and the nations. I love hinging these important realities on thanksgiving and gratitude. It’s my favorite. Nevertheless, before I make that journey again, I’d like to share with you a light-hearted, comical story about our rather eventful flight to Orlando from South Africa. Besides, I’m a little rusty. What better way to kick start this intense season of writing with a little humor?

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Confessions of a Small Framed Girl with a BIG Mouth

That one time at band camp when I put my foot in my mouth and I ignored the leading of the Holy Spirit

Once upon a time there was a girl with a small frame and a BIG mouth. That girl shall remain unnamed for the duration of this entry. Her mouth often got her into trouble, especially this one time. 

One beautiful, sunny day in Jacksonville, Florida this girl and her husband were visiting friends. They started the day with a delicious breakfast that included but was not limited to fried eggs and Sriracha sauce. The moment with the Sriracha sauce foreshadowed upcoming events. The small-framed girl with the very BIG mouth proceeded to squeeze the Sriracha sauce onto her eggs but to no avail. Instead she channeled her inner Van Goh, or however you spell his name, and painted the white carpet red. Fortunately for her, a carpet cleaner was on standby. 

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Be My Guest 101

7 tips on being a house guest

Finesse. I can’t find it right now. I’m digging deep and straining my sleepy brain to conjure it up to no avail. I write anyway. I try to find a funny quote for my opening line on being a house guest, but none of them seem appropriate. In fact, most of the funny ones are really negative. Why is negative considered funny? It’s ew! I know Sara (Jimmy Fallon) would agree.

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