Parenting Advice I’m Grateful For

The best advice I’ve received on parenting a strong-willed child

Elly. My daughter. I wrote my very first entry on her. Sometimes words just aren’t enough to describe her. When I look at her I initially see hair. Just hair everywhere. Her golden locks are nearly always a tangled mess, they hang in front of her face, and she hates getting her hair brushed. Underneath that hair is this gorgeous, little round face with big blue eyes and a perfect little nose. She has beautiful skin… it’s nearly olive, but not quite. I’ve often been told she looks like Smurfette minus the whole blue thing. It’s totally true. Look at the picture of Smurfette and then look at the picture of Elly. You agree. Good. I think we can all agree that I enjoy parenting her too. 

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How to Travel With Young Kids and Survive

Why I am grateful that I get to travel with my kids and 5 practical travel tips

Five, 10 hour days in the car with a three-year-old and a five-year-old. My kids did better than I did. I was claustrophobic to say the least. In fact, it was pure torture for me because I was crazy bored. However, this entry is not really about me (dang it, I know you wanted it to be), it’s about how to travel extended periods of time with young kids. How did I manage? I’m like the most awesome parent ever and I like organized a million activities and crafts. Like duh! I went on Pinterest and pinned a bunch of ideas and then executed them perfectly, aka #nailed it. 

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Mother’s Day Vibes

Quick thoughts on Mother’s Day…

A mother. A daughter. A sister. A wife. I’m known by all of these roles, but today we isolate motherhood and celebrate it to the fullest. My kids celebrate me, I celebrate my mom, and billions of people around the globe do the same. It’s Mother’s Day.

Mother, a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth. Yes and no. Not all who are mothers have given birth and reared children from infancy. Some have nurtured tens, hundreds, thousands of people simply because they love and care and their hearts are so large their bodies cannot contain them. The result? Mothers, daughters, sons.

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Courtenay Bowser, Guest Contributer

Courtenay’s perspective on gratitude

How do I introduce such an incredible woman? I’m failing to find the right words! Courtenay Bowser, put simply, is pure awesomeness and my guest contributor. I think she is yet to realize how big of an influence she is on my life. The first time I saw her she was worshipping Jesus and I remember looking at her and thinking, “God, that’s how I want to worship.”

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Two Littles

As I write my first entry for my thankful challenge I hear two squeaky voices behind me. They are discussing “chocolate” and “strawberry” and singing random songs. I look behind me and find my most fascinating three-year-old, Caleb, perched on the kitchen table playing tea-time with his equally fascinating sister Elly (she’s five-years-old).

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