When Your Hubs (or Friend or Wife) Kicks Yer Bum and Sends You to Church

My hubs “kicked me in the bum” and sent me to church ’cause I didn’t want to go…

We made it! We made it back to Florida. We drove our trusty suburban 9,000 miles around the country. Florida to Oregon and Oregon to Florida. What a trip! We thoroughly enjoyed Oregon and all of the people and places we visited in between. Can’t say that I will ever do it again… but maybe when we are older and have an RV I will change my mind? I’ll let you know in about forty years. But that’s not what this entry is about. Get ready for me to unleash the fury of all of my wisdom!! Uh, maybe not. This is just a quick encouragement I am sending your way discussing discouragement, church, and other quaint things.

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You Knew This Was Coming….

Last week I elaborated on how grateful I am for my kids, Elly and Caleb. So you must have known that this week I would elaborate on how grateful I am for my husband, Ciaran (Keron). He is brutally handsome, South African to his core, and an incredible husband and father that loves Jesus with all of his heart, mind, soul, and strength. I can write pages on how wonderful he his, but first let me tell you how we met.

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