Wheels For Africa

We are excited to announce this project that will propel the next season of our ministry in Africa! We feel the Lord has given us a big vision for 2017 and we have formed this project to reach our goal to be mobile and self-sufficient in Southern Africa’s most rural locations.

To do this trip we need to raise $50,000 for a vehicle and caravan by May 1st so that we can travel through sub-Saharan Africa. We are believing God for the fullness of His vision and we know He will provide through both generous and faithful givers in the Body of Christ. And for that, we are so very grateful.

An average size home in a village that often hosts our sandy feet ?
A precious boy in my friend Laura’s sector – the Mikuni chieftom – he was so brave to take a photo with me. I’m sure it was his first time to see a picture of himself.
Wrapped in a chitenge (cultural dress) and happy to receive our team into her community.

But before we give you a comprehensive breakdown of our needs we would like to place a strong emphasis on the people we are reaching and how imperative our mission is! This is the fun part! Our vision is to reach the lost and neglected… and a part of that entails traveling extremely difficult routes both physically and spiritually. Going to remote places in Africa is physically difficult in every sense of the word (especially on your vehicle) and can be spiritually challenging as well. The amount of witchcraft we come up against is prevalent, but this does not discourage us because He Who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. And in a smaller capacity the elements of Africa war against your senses… the dry heat, the constant dust, high temperatures, mosquitoes, and more.

This vehicle and caravan will serve as a home for our family for years of ministry trips into the bush. Here are photos of the vehicle and caravan we need to purchase and a cost breakdown:

The Toyota Fortuner, used, runs at roughly $24,000 US dollars.

The Conqueror Caravan runs at roughly $18,000 US dollars.

We need an additional $8,000 to account for international money transfer fees, Overland’s 10% administrative costs, exchange rate variances, and credit card fees. We also need to purchase off road equipment to install on the vehicle and all terrain tires. The off road equipment is necessary to reach the places we need to go! They are dusty, rocky, sandy, muddy… and then there is the occasional river bed ?

The equipment we need to purchase includes: a roof rack, jerry cans, snorkel, compressor, recovery straps, highlift jack, bull bar, off road suspension, and spotlights. Let’s not forget camping equipment, a.k.a. dishes, gas propane tank, refrigerator, and more to equip our carvan!

If you would like to partner with us in this way and help us reach the remote villages in Africa to spread the Good News, head on over to:

www.overlandmissions.com/donate/ and fill in your details. Please write “Stirling Vehicle” in the memo line… your generous gift will go directly into our vehicle account with Overland Missions. Thank you!! Thank you for partnering with us in the nations.

Here is a fun little way to look at your gift:

To give:

  • 1 % is a $500
  • 5% is $2,500
  • 10% is $5,000
  • 20% is $10,000
  • 50% is $25,000
  • and last but not least 100% is $50,000 ?

We have $2,700 in toward our goal as of March 18th. Please won’t you prayerfully consider helping us reach our $50,000 goal by May 1st?

Thank you!!

This video shows a short snippet of me driving through a rocky area in the bush in Zambia… I’m in our then, 4×4 Toyota Prado (white). Ciaran is busy navigating me through an extremely steep incline that I was terrified to drive!