Entry 2: Visiting Patong

Today the kids struggled to get out of bed at a decent time. Such is to be expected considering the time zone change and we didn’t go to sleep until late last night. Our late morning commenced with a traditional western style breakfast and transitioned into more strategizing for our two months here in Thailand. We had a lovely brainstorming session. After lunch the rains came and we stayed inside until they ended. We then went into the city of Patong. Our accommodation is in a quiet area located 10 km north of Patong called Bang Tao… so we had yet to see the hustle and bustle of Thai city life. 

We had a relatively long taxi ride into Patong and when we arrived Starbucks greeted us. We strolled up and down the streets in search of yummy food and settled at a little Indian/Thai place that served deliciousness. Ciaran and I shared butter chicken with white rice and naan bread. We observed much of the goings ons… and after telling our kids to close their eyes a dozen times to protect their souls we concluded that Patong probably isn’t the place for our base. Observation tells me that Patong is full of tourists seeking out night life and caters more toward the desires of such wanderlusts. However, a door for future ministry remains open.  

I literally did not take my phone out to take pictures. In my vigilance to keep my kids from wandering off in the crowded night markets I didn’t take my hands off of them hence the lack of photos. In Africa I didn’t need to worry about such things. I knew Africa. I knew my kids would be fine at the markets. 

Tomorrow I need to find a little place that will launder our clothes. I’d like to chat to a few of the locals provided I can find somebody that speaks a little bit of English. I want to know if there are Thai-Christian churches in the area. I also want to know what’s going on with the sex trafficking in the area and I don’t even know if people openly discuss the topic. I appreciated seeing the massage parlors that clearly labeled their business as a “no sex” zone. We are considering heading into Phuket town too… it appears to be a little nicer than Patong (my opinion only of course). 

In a few days  we plan to take a ferry over to Krabi, which is on the main land. We visited Krabi last time we were here in 2013. We would like to see the town from the perspective of planting a base rather than having a tourist holiday/vacation.

Map of Krabi
Map of Krabi


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